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NUK3TOWN Returns in Black Ops III

black ops 3 nuketown

Its the News many fans have been waiting for the confirmation that the nuketown renamed NUK3TOWN will be in black ops 3 multiplayer. Following a leak last week from the brazilian psn store activision and Treyarch have officially announced the NUK3TOWN will be returning as a preorder bonus for Call of …

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New Black ops 3 zombies Details leaked

bo3 zombies news leaked

  It appears that the PC beta of Black Ops 3 Multiplayer has a lot of hidden files – and files that are also about the game’s zombies mode which have been leaked online. In the files contains is  a few references to BOIII Zombies mode with some very solid …

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Black Ops 3’s will feature taunts and gesture

Black Ops 3’s Will Feature Taunts And Gesture

Black Ops 3 player customization will offer players the chance to  pick taunts and gestures for specialists in a very similar stlye to destiny system. Players will be able to taunt a player they have killed or even flip them a gesture as the capture a flag or win the …

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