BO3 News

Black Ops 3 Beta Details

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta lets players get a chance to test and experience the game before launch. The beta won’t be the full version of the game; instead players will  have access to a limited number of weaponry, Scorestreaks, multiplayer maps and game modes. The …

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Black ops 3 Gets Specialist Characters

In black ops III you are able to choose between Specialist characters to play with during online multiplayer matches. Each Specialist character in MP has a different look, voice, ability, weapons, and more. Which  features nine Black ops III specialists characters, each with one weapon abilities, for a total of …

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Black Ops 3 Campaign features 4 player co-op

  Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Campaign is to be set in the year 2060 ,35 years after Black Ops 2. Countries around the world have developed a New technology called DEAD (Directed Energy Air Defense) which has rendered air superiority useless. Military strength in this game is all …

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Black Ops 3 will have Theater mode

theater mode returns in call of duty

Theater Mode Will return in Black Ops 3 For multiplayer and zombies mode. This is great news For Fans considering  the absence of Theater mode in the last two Call of Dutys titles.News of this was confirmed During a livestream interview on Twitch with guests Mark Lamia and David Vonderhaar from …

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Black Ops 3 PC Minimum Specs, dedicated servers

After the world reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 today, Treyarch has offically revealed the bo3 PC minimum spec requirements for  players. No download size or best optimization settings have been revealed yet but these will most likely be the same as advanced warfare`s pc settings. Minimum System …

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