Black Ops 3 III Perks List

Black ops 3 perks give you a variety of different enhancements, Thus allowing you to fully customize your class for what ever multiplayer combat Style you desire.

There are currently 18 perks In BO3 multiplayer and which are divided into 3 Tier categories. You may choose one from each category, if you wish to use more perks you will need to use some Wildcards allowing you to equip one additional perk per category for a maximum of 6 perks similar to other call of duty titles.

Each perk you choose whilst in create-a-class will take up one of your pick ten allocation spots which could be spent else where on Weapon attachments or equipment so when choosing your perks choose them wisely.

Like in Black Ops 2, there are no Pro Perks in BO3 multiplayer.


Perk Slot 1

  Flak jacket

flak jacket boiii perksReduces damage taken from explosives. flack jacket is most useful when you know you are going to take explosive damage, rather than simply because you dont like explosives.



Blind-Eye BO III PERKS  Blind Eye

Undetectable by scorestreaks and tracking systems except the UAV.


black ops 3 perks Ghost  Ghost

Enemy UAVs cant detect you while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or controlling a Scorestreak. If you stop moving, youll show up on the enemy radar.


Blast-Surpressor-  Blast Suppressor

Removes all mini-map indicators when you’re using your thruster pack. Suppresses your suits thruster sound.


Afterburner Afterburner

Faster recharging than normal for your thrust pack (more jumps and slides more often).


Overclock  Overclock

Helps you to  Earn your specialist weapon or specialist ability faster.


Perk Slot 2


makes you Immune to counter UAV, Powercore,  EMPs. Proximity based Lethal and Tactical equipment wont also be triggered by you.



Replenish ammo and equipment from enemies killed by non-explosive weapons.


Fast-HandsFast hands

Swap faster between your primary and secondary weapon, and back to your weapon after performing an action, like using an equipment. You also aim down the sight faster after sprinting.

Fast Hands also resets the fuse of Frag Grenades when you throw them back.


Tracker Tracker

Allows you to see fresh enemy footsteps on the ground as digital imprints for very short period of time.


Ante-upAnte up

Players will start with 200 points in Scorestreak bar.


Cold-Blooded  Cold Blodded

Counters the Tracker and Sixth Sense perk by reducing your digital imprint. Grants immunity to Thermal weapon Optics.

Enemy AI controlled ground-based Scorestreaks Will not be able to detect you.


Perk Slot 3


Allows you to see all enemy equipment which glows red through walls.


Dead Silence

Makes you more silent by reducing the sounds made by your footsteps, jumps, and falls.




Makes enemies movements at louder than normal. allows you to hear their footsteps easier when they get closer to you.



TAC MASKTactical Mask


Makes you more immune to Flash and Concussion grenades. Does not stop effect completly it only reduces it.




Allows you to Hip-fire your weapon, deploy equipment and throw grenades while sprinting.


Sixth-SenseSixth Sense

Indicates the direction of near-by enemies in quadrants (on your mini map)