Black Ops 3 III – Scorestreaks / Killstreaks

Black ops 3 Scorestreaks allow you to call in advanced support systems, ranging from simple UAV reconnaissance to highly destructive VTOL gunships And heavily armored AI controlled patrol robots. You can select up to Three Scorestreaks and they will not cost you any loadout points since they have now been moved out from the Pick 10 system.

You Can earn scorestreak points in Bo3 Multiplayer by taking out other players But This, not the only way you can earn them. Taking out enemy Killstreaks, jamming UAV or completing objectives in different game types will yield you more score points. For example, in domination, you are better rewarded for capturing flags than you are for engaging enemies in combat.



Streak Cost:400

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that periodically sweeps the radar and reveals enemy locations. Can be shot down.

Available by default




Streak Cost:600

Jams enemy reconnaissance by temporary disabling  the enemy mini-map.                              Counter-UAV

Unlocked at Rank 27





Streak Cost:425

Remote-controlled Hover-Capable Explosive Device. Can perform a thrust powered jump and drive on vertical surfaces.HC-XD

Unlocked at Rank 9





Streak Cost:525Dart scoreStreak bo 3

Pilot an anti-personnel drone equipped with three lock-on missiles capable of locking on to enemies and scorestreaks. can also dive bomb for an explosive blast.

Unlocked at Rank 18





Care Package

Streak Cost:550Care-Package Killstreak black ops 3

Airdrops a Care Package to the selected location. Package contains a random killstreak.

Like black ops the care package will be avalible in the call of duty WWII scorestreaks multiplayer game mode.

Unlocked at Rank 12



Streak Cost:650   A placeable dish that projects a cone of microwave radiation that impairs and stuns enemies.Unlocked at Rank 36





Streak cost:700

Remote controlled missile with a cluster bomb payload.

Available by default

Hardened SentryBlack-ops-III-Hardened-Sentry

Deploy an automated Hardened Sentry.

Can be Remote-controlled.

Unlocked at Rank 45


Lightning Strike

Streak Cost:750Lightning-Strike

Launches a coordinated airstrike on three targeted locations. Can perform one UAV sweep for better targeting.

Unlocked at Rank 42




Rolling Thunder

Streak cost:900

Drops a targeted bomb strike of explosive drones.

Unlocked at Rank 21



Streak Cost:975

AI or player controlled escort attack drone.

Available by default

talon killstreak bo3


Streak Cost:1000

Air drop an AI or player controlled drone that patrols for enemy targets.

Unlocked at Rank 49



Streak Cost:1100

Aerial attack craft with advanced stealth capabilities and a defensive flak drone ward off enemy missiles.

Unlocked at Rank 39


Streak Cost: 1150

Shows both enemy position and direction on mini-map (like the black ops blackbird). Can only be shot down by launchers.

Unlocked at Rank 30


Streak Cost:1275

Airdrops multiple Robotic Anti-Personnel Sentry drones to the map.

Unlocked at Rank 15


Streak cost:1300Powercore

A deployable device that temporarily disables enemy electronics and reduces the effectiveness of enemy thrusters-assisted movements. Can be destroyed.

Unlocked at Rank 33


Streak Cost:1550

Heavily armored genral infintry unit robot. Can be set to guard mode to protect the owner or patrol mode to defend a designated location.

Unlocked at Rank 24

gi unit bo3 ingame


Streak Cost:1600Mothership

Powerful VTOL weapons platform with one primary turret for the owner and two secondary turrets for teammates.

Teammates can join in and take control of the secondary turrets, as long as they haven’t been destroyed.

Unlocked at Rank 45