Bo3 specialist characters have unlock levels

We have been hands on with call of duty black ops 3 beta and heres what we know the Beta features 8 out of 9 specialists that will be in the final game.

As soon as you loadup the beta you will have access to four of the specialists but you will need to have some unlock tokens in order to  use their abilities. You will need to rank up in mp to get access to the other Black ops 3 specialist characters with each having thier own unique unlock level.

Below is the current unlock level for each character.

  • Prophet – Unlocked from Start
  • Outrider – Unlocked from Start
  • Ruin – Unlocked from Start
  • Battery – Unlocked from Start
  • Seraph – Level 22
  • Nomad – Level 28
  • Reaper – Level 34
  • Spectre – Level 40