Black Ops 3 III – Weapons List

Black Ops 3 III – Weapons List

Black Ops 3 has a Whole host of different multiplayer weapons, ranging from your all-purpose assault rifles to powerful bolt-action sniper rifles, that can be fully customized and fitted with up to four weapon attachments. As with previous titles, BO3 features The pick 10 system Which allows for total freedom when customizing your class loadout.

Black Ops 3 Weapons are unlocked in two stages. As a result you will need to reach a specific rank and after that, you can sp

black ops 3 weapons list

end your Unlock Tokens on the weapon of your choosing. Each weapon also has its own level and can be ranked up to unlock new optics and attachments.

You can choose one primary and secondary weapon for you loadout each can be fitted with one optic and several attachments.  Use of wildcards will allow you Extra attachment slots for guns. You may also choose to take up to two Lethal equipment with extra slots unlockable via The Wildcards.

Choosing The Correct weapon with the perfect stats for the map and game mode will play an important factor in multiplayer. Taking an SMG or Shotgun on to a map with long lines of sights will do you no favors.  If you’re Taking a sniper rifle onto a map with lots tight close quarters combat is destined to Fail.  Your aim and reaction time can be top notch, but choosing the correct weaponry for the job at hand gives you an advantage before shots are even fired.


Primary Weapons        Secondary Weapons