Black Ops 3 III – Weapons – Assault Rifles

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Assault rifles Are flexible weapons Which  perform well in a wide variety of combat situations. Full Auto ARs are ideal for medium to long range combat engagements. Burst-fire and semi-automatic weapons are  stronger from medium to long range engagements.

With the right attachments, you can configure your AR to perform better at different ranges or in different game modes.



kn 44 stats and description


Fully automatic AR with a fast fire rate and moderate recoil.



Hvk 30 stats and descripiton


Fully automatic AR with the fastest fire rate in its class.



sheiva Stats And Description


Semi-Auto Marksman assault rifle. Eliminates enemy infantry in 2 shots.



icr  Stats And Description

Fully automatic. Modest damage With minimal recoil.



MAN-O-WARMAN O WAR Stats And Descriptio


Full auto AR with strong Damage and a slow rate of fire.


XR-2XR 2 STATS and description


Only 3 round burst Assault rifle. High damage stats with a high burst cycle rate.


M8A7 Stats And Description


4 Round Burst rifile. high cyclic rate of fire with minimal recoil.