Black Ops 3 III – Weapons – Attachments

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Attachments allow you to modify your weapon many unique ways. You can give your weapons sophisticated optical scopes add grips to reduce recoil, dual magazines for much faster reloads and other attachments to boost your weapons overall performance on the battlefield.



Recon Sight

Basic sight with enhanced zoom.





Reflex Sight

red dot optic with a clear view.reflex-sight







optic that shows enemies infrared heat signatures.





Extended Clipextended clip

Increases the amount ammo available to your magazine.




Fast Mag

Increases Weapon reload fags





Increases the penetration power of your weapons Bullets through different surfaces.fmj





Aim down the sights (ADS) faster.quickdraw






Reduces your weapons recoil.grip





High Caliber

Headshots will do increased damage.high caliber





Laser Sight

Increased hip-fire accuracy.laser sight





Long Barrel

Increases your weapons range.long barrel





Rapid Fire

Increased weapon fire rate at the cost of lower accuracy.rapid fire





Faster movement when aiming down the sight.stock






Weapon fire doesn’t appear on enemy radar.Suppressor