Black Ops 3 III – Weapons – Submachine Guns

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SMGs are fast moving Close quarters combat specialist weapons. Thanks to there high mobilty speed and fast fire rates submachine guns are ideal for taking the fight to your enemies in objective based game modes. submachine guns have excellent hip fire accuracy, allowing you to take on nearby enemies without aiming down the sight.  A Few Submachine guns have  medium-range combat capabilities, but their damage drops rather quickly.



Kuda stats and description boiii

Full Auto submachine gun. Steady fire rate with balanced recoil.




 weevil stats and description

SMG with a large magazine and modest damage.




Razorback stats and description

Best accuracy in class. Ideal for mid range engagements.



Pharo stats and description

Moderate damage and accuracy with 4-round auto-burst. Cycles burst automatically by holding the trigger.


Vesper stats and description

Fastest fire rate in its class.



VMP stats and description COD

Strong damage SMG but comes at the cost of a smaller magazine Size.