Black Ops 3 III – Weapons – Tactical Equipment

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Tactical equipment grants options for temporarily disabling enemies or protecting yourself.




Stuns and staggers enemies even if grazed by the blast.






Disables or destroys nearby hostile electronic systems.emp





Blinds and disorients enemies for several seconds.flashbang




Shock Charge

Proximity triggered mine that electocutes and stuns nearby enemies. Can stick to all surfaces.Shock Charge




Trophy System

Destroys incoming enemy projectiles with in 10 meters. Vehicle Missiles have a chance to penetrate.Trophy-system




Black Hat

Hacks enemy scorestreaks and Equipment to take control of them. Powerfull ScoreStreaks require one use to breach firewall, and a second use to hat hacker




 Smoke Screen

Produces a smoke screen upon impact. Allies within the smoke cannot be detected on enemy mini-map.Smoke screen