Brazil PSN Store Leaks Black Ops III Pre-order Bonus: “Nuk3Town”


PlayStation Store (Brazil) seems to have leaked that a remake black ops nuketown now called “NUK3TOWN” will be a pre-order bonus, Sony Brazil  have updated their listing for Call of Duty: Black Ops III Digital Deluxe Edition with a statement that PS4 gamers who will pre-order it will receive “NUK3TOWN” as a free bonus map. The description Also states that the map has been totally redesigned for the new movement system in Black Ops 3.

The exact translation for this is “Get the bonus NUK3TOWN map. This map, which is among the fan favorites, was completely redesigned to highlight the new chained motion system based on momentum of Treyarch, providing battles full of adrenaline.”

Since this has been discovered psn brazil has since deleted the term “NUK3TOWN” from the description.