Black ops 3 Gunsmith allows custom made camos


Gunsmith feature in bo3 multplayer

New Gunsmiths feature introduced to Black ops 3 multiplayer will allow players to customize weapons in ways never done before .

The Black ops 3 Gunsmith Feature allows players to customize and Load out their weapons incredibly precise like never before. Allowing You the ability to add upto five attachments and optics to base of the gun.

Along with this comes the new paintshop feature lets you  make custom camos with up to 64 layers of different colors and shapes being placed on the top and sides of the weapon, similar to the emblem creator in previous call of duty titles. Players can also inspect their weapons with there new camo and attachments on in full 3D and rename their weapons from the actual gun name to a custom one.


The game will still have Its own designed camos which players can also put there on paintjobs on top of to help personalize your weapons like never before.


Update: at the end of todays multiplayer reveal   New images were teased  which show the new GUNSMITH mode to edit guns and camo.