New Black ops 3 zombies Details leaked

bo3 zombies news leaked


It appears that the PC beta of Black Ops 3 Multiplayer has a lot of hidden files – and files that are also about the game’s zombies mode which have been leaked online. In the files contains is  a few references to BOIII Zombies mode with some very solid information on what to expect from the treyarch team come november.

  • A remake of Kino Der Toten was confirmed.
  • Transit will return with 3 new sidequest.
  • Weapons strorage (weapons fridge)will return .
  • Not sure but if true but could be new electricity attack and grappling hook abilities.
  •  buildables return along with the mystery box, pack-a-punch, perks, powerups, power for machines .
  • Theater Mode references confirm it’ll be available in zombies mode
  • References to a campaign and story mode for zombies
  • Character customization
  • Game apparently checks your progress on Easter Eggs found in Black Ops 2 zombies, unclear as to why right now
  • There is a Ranks and Prestige mode in Zombies (Activision has confirmed there is an XP progression system in Zombies)
  • In addition, theme music for the Zombies Menu and Shadows of Evil has leaked.
  • Code suggesting that players can play as zombies (although a lot of code could be left over Black Ops 2 zombies)