Black Ops 3 beta update brings New map and level cap

UPDATE – August 23rd: Game Settings Have Changed. Treyarch has updated the message of the day on the Black Ops 3 beta on PS4 to state that the level cap has been raised to level 49 for the final day of the beta.

Players can unlock the C4, Combat Axe, Trophy System, Shock Charge + perks: Scavenger/Dead Silence.


UPDATE: Todays update for august 22nd see`s a new multiplayer gamemode called safegaurd init Teams alternate in escorting a non-combative robot into enemy territory. Deliver the robot to win.

As well as the new gamemode The BOIII beta level cap has been raised to level 40 allowing  players to unlock  the Spectre specialist, Wraith/Guardian Scorestreaks, and XR-2 Black ops 3 assault rifle.

Black Ops 3 beta

The Black ops III Beta level rank cap is to be raised from rank 28 to level 34 but this could change. Treyarch has announced in their Day 2 Periscope Stream that they will be bringing new content to the Bo3 Beta which is confirmed to be One new game mode uplink and a new multiplayer map Stronghold.

The update also includes: – Weapon tuning – Specialist Weapon and Ability Tuning

Whith the level cap being raised heres what youll be able to unlock:

New Game Mode: Uplink
New Map: Stronghold (bringing total number of maps to 4)

The release date for this Update to be patched into the Black Ops 3 beta is on August 21st at 10AM PT (6pm uk time).