Black Ops 3’s will feature taunts and gesture

Black Ops 3’s Will Feature Taunts And Gesture

Black Ops 3 player customization will offer players the chance to  pick taunts and gestures for specialists in a very similar stlye to destiny system. Players will be able to taunt a player they have killed or even flip them a gesture as the capture a flag or win the …

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9th specialist in Black Ops 3 MP Revealed : ‘Firebreak’

Treyarch has officially revealed the 9th specialist for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The specialists’s callsign is ‘Firebreak’. The Bo3 weapon ability is ‘Purifier,’ which is a flamethrower weapon, and power ability is ‘Heat Wave.’ You can check out gameplay of this specialist here.

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Hidden Bo3 Weapons Found In PC Files

With the PC version of  Black ops III being out one Player has decided to dive in to the files of the game for a snoop and has manged to discover 2 unannounced black ops 3 weapons hidden in thefiles aswell as  giving us a first glimpse at the MP7(SMG) and …

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