Hidden Bo3 Weapons Found In PC Files

With the PC version of  Black ops III being out one Player has decided to dive in to the files of the game for a snoop and has manged to discover 2 unannounced black ops 3 weapons hidden in thefiles aswell as  giving us a first glimpse at the MP7(SMG) and Power-bolt(Sniper Rife) in action.

bloaxk ops 3 mp7 foundhidden weapons bo3

The mp7 looks almost the same as the black ops 2 version leaving us to wonder if this is just a test gun hidden in the files you can check the video below for some ingame action of the guns.

Update: Seven new weapons have now been found, including the M27, MP7, two new black ops 3 Shotguns one looks like the remington from bo2 and the Sniper Bolt.